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    Inventory PRICES reduced.  All inventory is on Dutch St.  
Call to order supplies or email me your wish list, if you want. 
Call 607-368-3449 if you want to meet me here. 

Call Mike Hanna at 607-684-0014 or at Realty USA 607-569-2020) office in Hammondsport, NY

We have vineyard and acreage on 5443 Dutch St, Dundee, NY.  This fire number (5443 Dutch St.) is for the house north of McGregor's Vineyard on the right and a search will locate the entire piece.

Lot 5: Goodwin Hill Rd, 5.7 acres  includes Vignoles vineyard of 0.9 acres and 1 row of NY 7301 (Noiret))

Lot 6: Goodwin Hill Rd, 5.69 acres  This lot has 1 row of Noiret and the south end of the Vignoles and Aurore vineyard that is part of lot 7.  Due to the state of mind I had, the surveyor pins fell where they did.   

Lot 7: Dutch St, 9.13 acres   




May Your Wines Fall Bright!