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    Inventory PRICES reduced.  All inventory is on Dutch St.  
Call to order supplies or email me your wish list,
if you want. 

Call 607-368-3449 if you want to meet me here on Dutch St. 

Marcy still has vineyard on Dutch St and can sell commercial lots of grapes.

For winemaking information, additive instructions, and more look right here www.101winemaking.com  

You may still call me with winemaking questions: 607-368-3449 or email me
The online shopping cart and on earth shops are closed.  I can NO LONGER take credit or debit cards.  I can take paypal payments. 
Send money to  from your paypal account. 

Email me with your wish list and questions and I may be able to help.  

Local juice plants that also carry supplies:  

Randal Standish Vineyards

Fulkerson's Winery

Winemaking Infomation right here! 

May your wines fall bright!  
Thank you for shopping with us through the years. 
Marcy Mitchell


May Your Wines Fall Bright!