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East side of Keuka Lake
Keuka Lake Water District
Dundee Central School district,
Town of Barrington, Yates County, near Wayne, NY 
Dundee, NY postal address. 

We (I) have sub-divided the acreage of this piece to 5-6 acre lots and larger.

Call Mike Hanna at 607-684-0014 or at Howard Hanna Realty at
607-569-2020) office in Hammondsport, NY

Turn east onto Hyatt Hill off of Rt. 54, make first left onto Dutch St and go past McGregor's Vineyard and Winery.

I have acreage on 5443 Dutch St, Dundee, NY. This fire number is for the house north of McGregor's Vineyard on the right. Open building lots, plus property uphill on Goodwin Hill Rd. and above Dutch Street are listed.

This is a screen shot, the green open images are vineyard or used to be vineyard.  This is a document of soil types on the Dutch St. farm It is a pdf document and opens in a new tab or window. . The orange circle is where Google thinks 5443 is, however, it is the house on the other side of the road, oh well. 

5443 Dutch St, Dundee, NY 14837 lots and vineyard



May Your Wines Fall Bright!