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MAY YOUR WINES FALL BRIGHT!     Shop online, shipping daily

fallbright mobile shop online qrI will keep the shop open Friday 10-5 and Saturdays 10-4 or so.  
If you come after 4:00, I will probably be out with the dogs, below the shop. 
It is no problem coming back up. 


Our vineyard is for sale.  The house on Hyatt Hill is NOT for sale at this time.   Tom Mitchell  

Vineyard for sale Hyatt Hill, Town of Wayne, Dundee, NY

The above image is a screen shot.  The building shown above the vineyard (right side of image) are NOT our property. 

As is common practice when farms are sold, the current crop would be available if the buyer pays operating costs required to produce said crop. 

Otherwise, the closing date should occur in November or December before any additional production costs for the next crop are incurred. 
(This should be communicated with the buyer up front.)  

This vineyard is on the Keuka Lake Wine Trail (location) in the Finger Lakes Wine Region, Central NYS.  The vineyard (and barn, coolers) are for sale


Vineyard for sale, Business information, power, cable, ect

Vineyard Grape varieties on Hyatt Hill

Riesling Trellis photo of Keuka Delta

Lenz moser trellis for Muscat Ottonel

Processing Equipment  equipment is not considered real estate and is not included in a real estate sale.
Any buildings on the site are considered real estate. 

Packing Barn images page 1 from above  We call it a packing barn as grapes used to be packed in this barn, taken to the bottom of the hill to the landing area at tje lake and steamers took them to market.  Chicken nesting boxes are still on the second floor. 

Packing Barn images page 2 from downhill

Inside the shop: winemaking supplies, office area, bathroom  Winemaking-supplies inventory is not included in a real estate sale

Juice Dispensing gravity feed set-up


May Your Wines Fall Bright!